Caramelos la Pájara s.l. was founded in 1850, it is now the fifth generation to continue the manufacturing activities of all kinds of candy, candy stick lollypops and round, candy advertising and a number of long products candy and sweets.

Since 1992 the current management has done a great effort in continuous improvement of the facilities (cont in today with a new plant of 2000 m2, which can produce 10,000 kgs. of all kinds of candy on a day), and purchase of last generation machine for the manufacture of new products and improvement of existing.

Within this ambitious plan is the implementation of the iso 9001 for the year 2010. We are better position to maintain and enhance our customers abroad. There’s nothing to say that the company complies with all national regulations in relation to the quality of manufacturing imposed by the government and central theme in regional health and nutrition.

In 2011 and 2012 Candy Pajara invest 625.000 € to upgrade your machine, without being regularly modernized old need to be competitive with the best quality. New cooking line, punch hard candy, lollipops and extruded